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Miscellaneous   Links

Bored? Check out the pages below. If you have a site you'd like me to link to, just e-mail me.

Music Links

Billboard Online
Music news, reviews, etc. Good site.
The Daily Vault
Music reviews served up daily
All Music Guide
Biographies, reviews, and articles. Everything you'd ever want in a music-related site.
MTV Online
E-mail them and tell them to stop showing so much crap!
VH1 Online
VH1's Web Site.
Mark Prindle's Record Reviews
Record reviews with an attitude.
Rock On TV
Want to find out when your favorite artist is on TV? Go here.
SonicNet Album Reviews
Album reviews, usually updated daily.
ICE Magazine Online
CD Release Dates and more.
Rolling Stone Magazine Online
Music news, reviews, etc.


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Great music at great prices. If you're going to buy Cd's over the net, this is the place.

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