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Skynyrd Spyn-Off Bands

After the plane crash that destroyed Lynyrd Skynyrd in October of 1977, band members took some time to heal before forming new bands. This section deals with the Skynyrd "spyn-off" bands formed after the plane crash. Click on the links below to view the history of the bands, their albums, and other tidbits. (Steve Gaines pre-Skynyrd career is documented here also)

Steve Gaines & Crawdad

Rossington Collins Band

Artimus Pyle Band / All Points Bulletin

Allen Collins Band

Rossington Band

Randall Hall Band

Special thanks to the following sources for providing the information needed to do this section: Kent Griffith, Tom Soars' Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute Page, and M-Files Lynyrd Skynyrd and Beyond.

For more information on the Lynyrd Skynyrd spyn off bands, go to Tom Soars' Skynyrd Spin-Off Bands. Also check out